Crunchier than the munchiest ones

Aloo Muncheez

Who doesn’t love the fun on munching on to the crunch of fine potato bhujia. But we are sure you will fall in love all over again the moment you try our version of it. Our Aloo Muncheez are great in taste and its crunch is power packed with the strongest munch.

The crackle of a classic snack


We all know whether a tea party or just a casual evening chat with the family, a snack we cannot miss is the classic Bhujia. Great in taste and amazing to crunch upon, our pack is the one you will surely open with joy. Be it treating guest or munching yourself, our Bhujia will keep you busy with taste.

Great taste and healthy too

Chatpata Sticks

Wish to snack on a tasty option that is healthy too then Anytyme has the right savoury for you to enjoy your tea time or anytime you have little hunger. Delicious soya sticks that are sprinkled with the most mouth-watering spices is all yours to relish.

A little sour and a little sweet

Khatta Meetha Mix

We all live in a world of great fun combinations. And one such exciting combination is the sweet and sour munch of our KhattaMeetha Mix. For all your sweet moments and sour mischiefs this one snack is a great compliment.

Let’s go green with our snack too


It’s the need of the hour to be green in whatever we do to make our planet a better place to be. And when we go green with our snacks too the planet just becomes a yummier place to be. Enjoy delicious Hari Matar with a touch of amazing spices.

A royal treat of taste for you

Rajasthani Mixture

The land of the Maharajas have always fascinated people from our nation and beyond with its royal offerings. Inspired from the regal world of the desert lands we too offer you a great snack that has the amazement and richness of taste all in one.

The healthiest way to nutty happiness

Tasty Peanuts

If you are someone who loves the taste of peanuts then this is the ideal pack of snack for you. Full of healthy nourishment and energy from peanuts topped with spices, this snack makes for a great munch whenever you may feel hungry.

A yummy twist to your regular dal

Moong Dal

Who says dal is boring, not when we give it a great twist by adding some powerful crunch to it. Healthy, yummy and simply irresistible, our Moong Dal snack is an ideal company when you want to treat your taste buds.